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We create more advanced and innovative video surveillance systems with the best brands in the world

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You decide who and where enter specific areas, your office or home, we prepare advanced technology systems

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Optimize tasks and processes that include support for the main systems of a company or office. Living the future.

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We are technology experts and we focus on details to make big differences, satisfied customers.


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About us

Our Experts with more than 30 years in the market

We are a company with 30 years of experience creating security and life-saving systems, based on the best brands in the world.

We take customer feedback very seriously and business partners , it is for them that we grow , it means that we aim with higher standards to give that exact , precise result .


We understand the need for a good project, extending and applying the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years; We believe in growth through results and training, from there we start our ideas and initiatives, observing where we can adjust where we correctly lay out a line in the domain and moving away from ignorance and lack of control, we become more experts every moment.

  • - We integrate Technology

    We apply our technical experience to benefit our clients through advanced technologies, with this, we provide Consulting and Comprehensive Solutions, through exclusive and flexible models for the design, implementation and management of each system we master.

    All those models that we design and implement have cost us hours of practice, learning, study, certifications, but the most gratifying thing is, transferring our knowledge to our clients at the moment we start the projects.

  • - A world in evolution

    It requires effective and reliable information and timely systems interaction, the globalization of today's world determines a trend in technological evolution that is constant "Innovation" Today communication networks transform the interaction processes of people and organizations, with the use of information technology, productivity, competitiveness and optimization of resources are impacted.


    We have the people who have the right skills and experience to take into account the needs of your business in an objective and logical way.

  • - Excellence in service

    We offer a full spectrum of services to help you

    organizations work better. Everything from the creation of

    standards of excellence, to training your people to work

    in more effective ways, evaluating how you are doing and

    helping you perform better in the future. Very few of the rest do this, and none have done it for as long as we have.


    We can combine any of our products and services to create a package that is tailored just right for your business. This eliminates the complexity and unnecessary cost of getting you where you want to be, whatever your starting point.

  • - Efficiency and quality

    Day by day we find strategies with great breadth and mastery of knowledge of technologies, allowing solutions, timely attention and immediate response. We follow procedures, protocols, standards, we always think of our clients and for us, the most important thing is to keep our clients with long and lasting relationships, based on trust and the special attention they deserve.


    Our way of approaching clients begins with the way in which we understand the operation and culture of your organization, being influenced by preconceived expectations.

    ur engineers and consultants are experts in developing

    requirements, establish actual project budgets, and design systems that give you maximum value over time.


    Giving effective solutions has become an art, in an exact, evolutionary process, we are passionate, we specify goals, objectives, with a result that benefits our client.


    We are dedicated to offer , give and maintain , efficiency

“Ingenuity is appearance, the external flash of imagination. Hence, his divinity, and the ingenious character of mysticism."

IV° Conde de Chesterfield

Every day getting better

Not just words that we put to extol our perspectives, they are facts, we have left a mark in the market, we are a guarantee of efficient work, well done, of the highest level of engineering. To achieve this, all our collaborators have done their part, well-founded, well-studied and grounded.


We have learned from all our clients and business partners, they have led us to excellence, we have made an effort to refine our processes, our deliveries, our designs, in such a way that our delivery has consolidated the best of the best.

Specialist Consultant

It has not been easy , we have had many setbacks, pitfalls to overcome, long paths that have put to the test, but with that determination with

that we devised this project, for us never give up.


We continue to make a mark for the construction and our legacy, many imitate us, others try to follow us, we set standards in the branch and that

granite that we contribute gives us the confidence and solidity to continue.


We contribute all our values in all projects, leaving an indelible mark, we are strong and above all , highly competitive .


Lic. Marco Padilla |CEO

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